How To Be A Better Rapper


There’s no cutting corners when trying to be a better rapper.  It takes time and patience.  You’re only going to be as good as the time you put into perfecting your craft.

You have to work on all facets of your talent.  If you write tight verses but have problems writing hooks work on improving your hook writing skills.

Having problems staying on beat?  Master the point-system then choose a style and/or rhyme scheme that caters to your level, meaning if your rapping off beat over a fast tempo song work on a song that has a slower tempo and gradually move up.

Once your able to master staying on beat over a slow tempo track move up to a faster tempo and so forth until your comfortable rhyming over different tempos.

If your not happy how you sound figure out the problem and work on making it better.  For instance find your rap voice by rapping in different vocal tones.

When recording in the studio, rap in a high pitch voice on some songs or project your voice louder in some parts of your songs to see what you like and the type of effect it has on your music.

After you find a vocal range that your comfortable with let some people hear it over a beat.  Post it on a few forums or your Facebook and Twitter pages and get some feedback to see how well it is perceived by some listeners.

Don’t focus to much on negative comments but focus more of your attention on constructive criticism.  Never let anyone dictate your artistry.  Be who you want to be and write what ever you like.

At this point you can make more songs in your new rap voice or work on new songs exploring other vocal ideas.  As with anything you’ll get better with time.


The Key To Be A Better Rapper

No matter what part of your rap skill needs improving the key to making it better is to listen to your-self over and over again.  After recording your songs listen to yourself immediately.  Do this time and time again.  I can’t tell you enough how important this is.

Are you happy with the style you chose?  Is the vocal at the right pitch?  Do the vocals and verses flow with the hook?  Are you running out of breath at the end of some of your bars?

Pick your song apart as if you were Simon Cal from American Idol. Write down things that you think need improvement and focus on making them better in future projects.

Listening and reviewing your work will help you find things in your arsenal that need worked on.  Similar to reviewing game tapes in sports so players are able to see where they are lacking in performance.  The same tactic is used here.

Listening to your own music or watching video footage of a performance is important when trying to improve on becoming a better rapper.


6 Things To Help How To Be A Better Rapper

  1. Verse/Hook Writing
  2. Song Topics
  3. Rap Voice
  4. Rap Style or Scheme Formats
  5. Production
  6. Stage Presence
  1. Verse/Hook Writing – We touched on this already but working on your song writing skills will help you create better songs.  Try to write as much as you can and over time you’ll see how easy writing songs become.  (Its still good to take your time on something you plan on releasing to the public)
  1. Song Topics – Picking better topics may be what you need to become a better rapper.  Maybe you’ve been hearing that your content could use a little improvement.  Test different topics and pick a audience that your song is catering to for example you don’t want to write a happy song about picking flowers and then request feedback from a audience of thug inspired Tupac fans.  You might not get the love you expect.
  1. Rap Voice – If you’re not happy with your rap voice find ways to improve it and see what you come up with.  We touched on this in the article.  The key with finding your rap voice is to record, record, record.  And when your done doing that record some more, making sure to experiment with different voices during the process until you find what your looking for.  (Me personally I think its always best to keep your original voice at all times but to eaches own)
  1. Rap Style/Scheme Formats – Try different rap styles and schemes to find rhyme formats that mesh well with what you are looking for.  Understanding the How2rap point-system can get you trying tons of different schemes.  It’s all about how your words ride the beat.
  1. Production – If your lacking in production start picking better beats – picking the wrong beats can drastically effect your music appeal.  Beanie Segal who was one of my most favorite MC’s during the time when he was with the Roc, has some of the dopest lyrics and a awesome style mixed in with that Philly accent but after leaving the Roc the beats he chose to rap on just didn’t grab me like they did when he was at Roc-a-fella records.
  1. Stage Presence – Being on top of your performance game and how you work the crowd will determine how well your music is perceived.  This is definitely something that can make you a better rapper.  It can also crush your dreams if the crowd isn’t really feeling you.  So you at least want your performance game at its best.  Stage fright is something that can make or break you.

Hopefully this article has pulled you into the right direction on how to be a better rapper.  A lot of the time it’s just taking a deep breath and slowing down.  When you begin to rush on what ever it is your doing mistakes begin to happen.

Focus on improving at least one of the things mentioned in this article and I guarantee you’ll be well on your way to becoming a better rapper.  If you like this article please share it or leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


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Jamaal West

Jamaal is a online entrepreneur and owner of various online businesses that range from urban entertainment to online marketing. He is a author, artist, and CEO with over 15 years experience in his particular fields of interest.

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How To Get Your First 100 Fans As Quick As Possible


As a new artist the hardest part is finding new fans.  Fans are going to be the ones who will be buying your records so it makes since that you start gaining them as soon as you can.

In the old days you would have to get airplay, interviews in print magazines and go on tour to gain new fans.  Although very expensive those methods still work to this day.  But now as a new artist it’s a little easier with online marketing and promotional tactics.

I’ve learned that the best way to stay motivated is to see your results happening rather quickly.  And thanks to sites like Twitter and Facebook with millions and millions of potential fans using them every single day the opportunity has never been easier.

So the easiest way to get your first 100 fans as quick as possible is putting time and energy into building your Twitter and Facebook profile.

With Twitter Do This:

  1. After creating your profile start following people and companies in your genre.  If your into Hip Hop follow other artist, and Djs, and Labels who fit your particular genre.
  1. Perform keyword searches on Twitter for keywords related to whatever genre or industry you’re in.  Also start following 100-200 of those people each day.
  1. Start tweeting about topics related to your industry not just about you or your music.  (This draws interaction and builds interest)
  1. After a few days 20-30% of the people you follow will follow you back.  You can start manually unfollowing the people who don’t follow you back.  If you don’t have the time you can use a service like Tweet Adder which can do this for you in an automated fashion.
  1. Start participating on Twitter by tweeting people or companies who would fin into your genre.  You can also retweet some of their tweets also.
  1. At this point you should have been on twitter for more then 5 days nd now you can start tweeting about your music and your brand.  Do not do a hard sell and still tweet about stuff that is not related to you or your brand 80% of the time.

Now With Facebook Do This:

Friend the leaders in your genre’s industry.  The ones behind the scenes and in the spotlight.  A large percentage will not accept your friend request but at least 10% of them should.

  1. Friend the leaders in your genre’s industry.  The ones behind the scenes and in the spotlight.  A large percentage will not accept your friend request but at least 10% of them should.
  1. Engage with your audience by posting stuff on your wall.  (Not about your brand)  Post things like industry news or events that are in your industry.
  1. To get the most out of engaging with your audience post things that are short and during the times you think your “targeted friends” are online.
  1. Start commenting on your friend’s wall and like messages that you like within your feed.
  1. Ask industry related questions.  By asking questions you’ll start seeing more engagement from your target of friends.
  1. After about a week engaging more heavily on Facebook you’ll start to see more friend request.  Instead of turning people away accept them because these are potential fans.
  1. Now at this point you should be posting information about you and your music 30% of the time.  Keep in mine not to hard sell your product – only do soft pitches for now.

Spend about a month or so building your Facebook and Twitter presence it shouldn’t be hard to get your first 100 fans from these two sources.

You can also use the source in this 10pg report to find people to do these services and others like them for dirt cheap.

And that’s all there is to it.  It’s far from Rocket Science and anyone telling you differently is trying too hard to sell you something.

If anything, I want you to take away from reading this article a understanding of how social media fits into your marketing strategy.



Jamaal West

Jamaal is a online entrepreneur and owner of various online businesses that range from urban entertainment to online marketing. He is a author, artist, and CEO with over 15 years experience in his particular fields of interest.

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Are You Selling Your Self? 3 Revenue Sources You Can Pursue From Anywhere To Propel Your Music Career Forward


The music industry has seen a all time record in declining cd sales in the past few years.  This happening has sent record execs running in a world wind trying to find a solution to how the industry is changing.

I have been saying it for years, with the vast avenues for artist toget exposure and make money for and from their music outside the realm of the music industry ther’s no excuse to let this time pass you by.

You no longer have to worry about companies doing it for you.  Reason being is its enough resources for you to make your own career move forward.  Set your goals and start taking the necessary steps every day to progress your music career in the right direction.

3 revenue and exposure sources that every artist should and can pursue every day no matter where you live or what stage your career is in.

3 Revenue & Exposure Sources

1) Revenue from music sales

  • CD (Physical)
  • Digital (Downloads)
  • Merchandise (Clothes etc.)

2) Revenue from live performances

3) Revenue from licensing deals

  • Film/TV, Commercials, Videogames

You should be pursuing these avenues everyday to move your career forward.  Now is the time to take the necessary steps to grow in each of these 3 areas of your career.  The good thing is you can do this from anywhere in the world and it doesn’t matter if you’re a major artist or just a indie, it really is possible.

One thing you have to come to realization of is throughout the life of your career your going to have to market and promote yourself.  There is absolutely no way of getting around it.  A great source that helped me when I first started was some of these Guerilla Marketing Classics.

Just focus your attention on how to expand these 3 sources, do something every day to propel your music forward in one of these 3 different areas and I can almost guarantee you’ll be on the right path.  Until next time….

Good Luck

Jamaal West is the author of The Official How To Rap Manual.  He has over 15 years experience helping others improve rap skill and rhyming ability.  Inventor of the How2rap Point-System & The Understanding Bars Tutorial his techniques on teaching others to rap have been regarded as one of the best of its kind since the year 2000.
Learn how to sale your music on Itunes without a major label.  This IMD Guide teaches you how to sell more music on itunes and provides inexpensive marketing tips to help get you more sales.

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Jamaal West

Jamaal is a online entrepreneur and owner of various online businesses that range from urban entertainment to online marketing. He is a author, artist, and CEO with over 15 years experience in his particular fields of interest.

More Posts - Google Plus

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