20 File Sharing Sites To Upload Your Music


20 File Sharing Sites To Upload Your Music

For years I have used a boat load of file sharing sites to release my own tracks.  File sharing sites are visited by millions every month searching for new music.  It would be wise for you to try and tap into this stream of potential fans and supporters. (You should also think about building a list to market your music to.)

When I first started to release music I uploaded on mainly one site but over time, I’ve learned not everybody searches for music on the same site so making your music available on a broad range of well known sites will be beneficial in getting your music out to the masses.

It takes a lot of work to do it yourself, by no means is it easy but with these 20 File Sharing Sites you can be well on your way to tapping into those millions of visitors searching for new music on a monthly basist.  Also with this list of file sharing sites you can pass a certain number to your team and have them upload your new material for you a couple times a month.

File Sharing sites are primarily used for Storing Data files which just so happens to include music.  Some sites like FilesTube.com have been targeted by record companys for piracy but I think it’s a great way to save your files and to share your links to help in your marketing efforts.

Another great thing I like about file sharing sites is you can also earn money with a few of them.  You do like money don’t you?  Who doesn’t – Offering rewards like earning money for such and such amount of downloads is a great ploy to get their name and services in front of the public.  Fortunately this helps you as well as the artist.

Make Money With Your Links

Did you know you can make money just for posting your music links?  Yes its true – If you haven’t already you should definitely start posting your links with some of these file sharing sites who pay for high volume downloads.  The key is to get your links to a bunch of people across the World Wide Web, this is achieved mostly through marketing and promoting your link on social sites like Twitter, Facebook and Myspace.

A great company that I like to use and I have used often is Linkbucks.  They make it very easy to make money off of your link and I have been using them for years.  They have a minimum money pay out of $5 (The Minimum you can withdrawal from your account), and its FREE to sign up.  Sign Up Here?

I also included some other good file sharing sites you can earn money with below, these are marked by $$$.  Try them out and see how they work with you.  All of them are free to set up and account.

Good Luck

How Do You Feel About File Sharing Sites? (comment below)

20 File Sharing Sites To Upload Your Music

  1. Usershare.net –  $$$
  2. Megaupload.com
  3. Hulkshare.com –  $$$
  4. Soundcloud.com
  5. 4shared.com
  6. Fileserve.com –  $$$
  7. Filesonic.com
  8. Zshare.net
  9. Mediafire.com
  10. Rapidshare.com
  11. Sendspace.com
  12. Sharebee.com
  13. Badongo.com
  14. Limelinx.com
  15. Filefactory .com –  $$$
  16. Zippyshare.com
  17. Divshare.com
  18. Hotfile.com$$$
  19. Multiupload.com
  20. 2shared.com

20 File Sharing Sites To Upload Your Music – Downlaod

If you know of any good ones please add them into the comment area so we can update the file.

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  1. uploadfor 01/26/2016, 6:54 pm:

    Here is also a big list of sites where every independent musician can upload, publish, sell, buy, or just share music and songs with the whole world: http://www.uploadfor.com

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  3. Jack 08/05/2013, 10:01 pm:

    KingFiles.net should be added too.
    Maximum file size 6 GB and unlimited space.

  4. King Rell 11/16/2011, 10:25 pm:

    Also SendMonkey.com is a simple file sharing site that does not have the long wait time like some of the others. Also the max file size is 400 mb’s

    • learn2rap 01/25/2012, 8:05 pm:

      thanks for sharing

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