5 syllable structures to use in your rhyme:

5 Syllable Structures To Use In Your Rhymes


5 Syllable Structures To Use In Your Rhymes

In chapter 8 of The Official How To Rap Manual rappers learn about incorporating syllable structures and combos into their rhymes.  The book teaches about four syllable structures you can use in your rhymes for improving rhyming ability.  Keep in mind the best way to use these syllable structures are at the end of your lines preferably in the standard rhyming positions.

5 Syllable Structures To Place Into Your Rhymes

1) One Syllable Words – This structure works well at the end of your lines and depending on the words used can come off as quick and forceful.  Practice combining two one syllable words together through out your bars to hear the difference it makes.

2) Two Syllable Words – This structure also works well when incorporated in your rhymes.  2 syllable words add a nice affect to your lines.  Although they can add a different affect when combined with one syllable words.

3) Three Syllable Words – This structure is a little harder to incorporate into your rhymes but have a added affect that differentiates from all of the others.

4) Syllable Combos – You can enhance the affect of each of these syllable structures by combining them together in the rhyming sections of your lyrics.

5) Singy Syllables – These are when you add a extra long stress to your syllables almost to the point where your singing the syllable but not quite.  Don’t over do it when using this structure because to much of it will definitely water down your verse.

Reread chapter 8 in The Official How To Rap Manual to gather a better understanding into incorporating syllable structures into your rhymes.  Understanding how syllables structures can enhance the affect of  your rhymes will only help you that much more in your rap arsenal.  Practice combining and using the above structures in your rhymes to see how they affect your rhymes.

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Jamaal West is the author of The Official How To Rap Manual.  He has over 15 years experience helping others improve rap skill and rhyming ability.  Inventor of the How2rap Point-System & The Understanding Bars Tutorial his techniques on teaching others to rap have been regarded as one of the best of its kind since the year 2000.
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